Letters of Recommendation from Career Direction Clients

The following are some of the letters of recommendation Sheila Markin Nielsen has received.

I just wanted to let you know that I was promoted at my job! It was so unexpected for me and I am elated as it was my first year back after maternity leave and only 3 years on the job. It is crazy how being at the right place and doing what you want to do can completely change your life. I can’t thank you enough. Identifying what I needed/wanted from my professional life and having the confidence (and assistance) to go out and get it. I can’t believe that 4 years ago I was making 50% less, working way more in a job that brought me no satisfaction and frankly, was making me miserable! Thank you so much- my investment in you has paid back tenfold!


Three years after starting Bottom Line Yoga, I was lacking inspiration and vision for the future of my business. Upon a recommendation from a good friend, I reached out to Sheila, and it was exactly what I needed. I’m sure some of you out there can relate, but I believe I know myself best; however, I was stuck in a rut, contemplating the same old ideas, unable to see another way. My career counseling journey with Sheila was exactly what I needed. Sheila’s model gave me new ways to see my situation. I was expecting to be led down a new path, but in the end it was more like the Alchemist’s story, and I ended up exactly where I began, but with very different perspective, almost like I had never been there before. Sheila never told me what I should be doing, but her process encouraged me out of my head. All in all, I am better for having this experience with Sheila. With greater conviction and a sense of direction, I’m back at Bottom Line Yoga, but in a way I never expected. I am so grateful for Sheila, and I recommend her to anyone who feels unfulfilled or lost in their career.

Lauren Goggins

Sheila was an incredibly valuable resource for determining what I truly need in a career in order to be happy and successful (emphasis on the “happy”). She is a fantastic listener who I felt truly “got” me. Sheila gleaned insights from things I told her that even surprised me, but were very much spot-on and helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with their career path. In fact, I already have!


I worked with Sheila to determine the best path to take with my career transition. Sheila is incredibly knowledgeable, caring, and objective. With her guidance, my career path became clear to me and I was able to determine what I am looking for out of my career and life. I highly recommend anyone looking for career advice to work with Sheila. She truly is there for her clients and goes above and beyond to help however she can. Thank you, Sheila!


Hi Sheila,

I got that job at a nuclear power plant. I think meeting with you really helped me with the interview. The networking also introduced me to a lot of interesting people.

The offer was actually made about a month ago, but I did not want to tell you about it until I passed the long security clearance process.

This job could be described as my dream job. It is at a large company with great training programs. Nuclear power has also been a key subject of interest for me as well. It is also in Illinois not too far from my parents, which is also a big plus.

Again, I really appreciate your help and I felt it made a big difference.



I moved to New York City earlier this year with the dream of finding work in community development and urban planning. I had very few contacts when I arrived, and after several months of applying to dozens of jobs online my search felt like it had hit a dead end. I was lucky to have the opportunity to talk to Sheila and read Job Quest, which taught me how to prioritize making personal connections over filling out job applications. Job Quest gave me concrete advice about how to approach the knights and wizards who can help with my search, and after getting to know this method I felt like I was finally empowered and in control. I continued to use the strategies Sheila and Job Quest gave me for rapid relationship and trust building, and before I knew it I had landed my dream job helping administer a federal community development grant program. For job-seekers moving to a new city, changing careers, or simply feeling stuck in the search, I can’t recommend Sheila highly enough!


From a presentation Sheila made at Loyola University:

Ms. Riesche,

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Sheila Nielsen‘s presentation to the class last Thursday. She was really inspiring and now I understand why you have referred to her work so many times throughout the course. Thank you for bringing her in to talk to us!


About Sheila‘s book:

The tips and techniques in Shelia‘s book were never taught to me in any college course. Graduating from business school in 2008, job searching and how to approach it has changed tremendously over the last six years. In the mid-late 2000‘s, my generation was taught to job hunt using traditional methods of online job search tools like Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com and utilizing college career centers.

In one of my early jobs post-college, I found myself with the challenge of commuting four hours per day to and from work. This in turn, drove me to pursue looking for a new job. Being out of college for several years, I had no idea where to start. Spending countless hours on traditional job hunting sites like Monster and CareerBuilder for many months, I found myself getting nowhere.

An acquaintance who was familiar with my job search struggle recommended Job Quest. Immediately upon reading Job Quest, I was instilled with a new confidence and outlook on job hunting. I will forever remember and be grateful for “The six attitudes to adopt and maintain during your job search“ on page 6 of Job Quest. I immediately made a copy of this page and kept it handy to constantly instill confidence and keep me optimistic during my search. Job hunting is an extremely daunting and emotionally draining task; the amount of value I received from this page alone cannot be put into words.

The book took an extremely proactive approach which included stepping away from the traditional job searching tools and techniques that had led me nowhere in the past. Job Quest taught me to utilize people as a network of resources. It hadn‘t dawned on me until this point the huge network of resources that were available to me. Job Quest taught me how to connect with people in my industry and desired places of employment to help get me through the “Gate Keeper“ and help get my resume into the hands of hiring managers and key personnel.

Following the steps in Job Quest, I thought to reach out to a friend who was a recruiter. He was an IT recruiter, but still tremendously helpful even though I was looking for a job in marketing. He offered to critique my resume, refer me to other marketing recruiter contacts he knew, and even explained how the recruiting process worked. He proved to be an excellent resource I never would have thought to reach out to due to his area of recruiting expertise in IT.

I also began to reach out to several former employees (Knights) who worked at companies I was interested in. One of these key contacts pushed my resume through several gatekeepers and got it directly to the hiring manager. In doing so, she also endorsed me which led to bypassing several phone screen interviews. Ultimately, after several in person interviews, I was offered the job and accepted.

One of the key takeaways from Job Quest is it completely changed my frame of mind when it came to job hunting. It got me to think outside the box of traditional job hunting and explore an entirely new network and approach to job searching. Along my journey, I also found many helpful tips on how to find and identify key contacts (Knights and Wizards).

Asking for an endorsement can be an unfamiliar and intimidating request. The three qualities of an endorser were a tremendous tool in helping identify trusted contacts to endorse me. Job Quest guided me on the exact steps to help tell a story, my “Dream and Dilemma“, when coming across potential contacts.

Greg S. Bricknell

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