Check out the article below. Much of the information in it is spot on and consistent with what I have seen with my clients who successfully find good jobs.  Internships are wonderful for building relationships and credibility as well as trust and good will with a workplace.  It is interesting that one of the later points the author makes is that some of her success was due to luck.  The luck she had was that someone who needed her help read her materials online, was impressed, and offered her an opportunity.  Yes, there is an element of luck, but what you should not underestimate is the value of good work and the recognition it can bring.  Her luck was more predictable than she might be giving herself credit for.  When you do good work in the work community you are engaged in, people take note and are likely to reach out to you.  I see this happen all the time in the counseling work I do.  This is the way to grow your career, through trust relationships that you nurture based on the good work that you do in your chosen field.

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